Week 2 Discussion 350   Has anyone read a report of a qualitative study before reading the one in this chapter? Where did you encounter it? What can you tell us about it? The point of reading research reports at this point is to understand them and extract essential information. Appraisal will come later.  Discuss Why–How–What of the qualitative study listed at the bottom and respond to the questions below: · Why did the researchers think it was important to do this study? · What did their study do that those other studies did not do? search for the article below: Qualitative Article from Chapter 4: · Sibeoni, J., Picard, C., Orri, M., Labey, M., Bousquet, G., Verneuil, L., & Revah-Levy, A. (2018). Patients’ quality of life during active cancer treatment: A qualitative study. BMC Cancer, 18 

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