PSYC2740 Adult Development and Aging Unit 1 Discussion The Facts of Aging Older adults are poor drivers. Or are they? In this unit’s studies, you completed the Facts of Aging Quiz multimedia. The quiz presented various statements about the aging process and older adults. Some of these statements were true, some partly true, and some false. Generally, our attitudes and beliefs stem from our upbringings and are widely influenced by family values. In turn, family values are heavily influenced by societal and cultural norms. As a result, there are many social and cultural factors that affect our individual perceptions of aging and our treatment of older adults within the family and in our communities. For this discussion, discuss what you learned about your current understanding of the aging process and older adults. Were you surprised by your score? Most people who have not studied gerontology get 40–50 percent of the questions wrong. What did you learn from completing this questionnaire? Explore why you were able to answer some questions correctly, and what might have caused you to answer other questions incorrectly. How do you think that family values, societal, or cultural norms may have influenced your answers?

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