PSYC2200 Educational Psychology Unit 1 Discussion This week, we are learning about the discipline of educational psychology and the importance of research in understanding teaching and learning and supporting theories. Theory begins with observation, but sometimes observation isn’t enough to draw conclusions about how learning happens. For this discussion, do the following: Find and post a video of someone learning a new skill or task. Your video should include either a transcript or captioning. To practice concision in writing, write one sentence for each of the following, based on your selected video. Then support your work with information from a professional or scholarly source: Summarize your observation. What evidence in the video is available to support your observation? What do you conclude based on the observation? What information might you need to confirm your conclusion? Use professional or scholarly sources of information to support your thinking and conclusions. Response Guidelines Respond to other learners’ pins. Your responses should be at least 30 words in length. For more information on how to earn points, visit your Yellowdig discussion forum.  

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