PART A · Many different types of voluntary, religious, and government facilities provide health care services. Identify and define the various healthcare settings and services and the role of the registered nurse in each. · Compare and contrast palliative and hospice care. What is the major difference between the two?     PART B 1. You are a home health care nurse scheduled for a home visit to your patient, a retired accounts payable clerk who is 7 days postsurgical with a new colostomy. Your patient lives with her husband who is involved in her care; they compile a list of questions between visits to ask upon your arrival at their home. During this visit, the patient had questions regarding her colostomy equipment and stoma care; her husband had questions regarding his current medication regimen. Both of them express concerns over recent changes in their health care coverage. 2. Outline your nursing care responsibilities, as the home health care nurse, in this scenario. Compare and contrast these responsibilities with those found in the acute care setting. 3. Explain what the Patient protection and affordable care act and health insurance marketplace are all about and who provides them?

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