Marketing Assume that you will do a PPC Search Campaign for Finlandia Health Store ( Visit their website and think about how to organize their PPC account into different campaigns and ad groups. I would recommend watching my videos in Week Five before you do this exercise and before you start the simulation. Instructions:  – Make sure to list at least two campaigns, with at least two ad groups per campaign. – Try to come up with at least 5-10 keyword ideas for each ad group. – For the purpose of this exercise, you don’t have to research the keyword volume and competition, but rather just generate a broad list of keyword ideas as a starting point – Avoid one-word phrases (e.g. “dog”) – Make sure to make all your phrases (keyword ideas) within each ad group very coherent / very similar to each other. – Remember, the key to successful PPC marketing is TO BE SUPER TARGETED AND TO ALIGN WELL YOUR KEYWORDS, ADS,  AND THE LANDING PAGE.    – Finally, please see my example below – I hope it will help. *** Example For a pet store business, I would probably do something like: Campaign 1: Pet Food Ad Group 1.1.: Dog Food (keyword ideas for this ad group: dog food, natural dog food, healthy dog food, premium dog food, high protein dog food, high quality dog food, dog food natural, best dog food, etc.) Ad Group 1.2. Cat Food (keyword ideas for this ad group: cat food, natrual cat food, premium cat food,    etc.) ———-  Campaign 2: Pet Accessories Ad Group 2.1. Dog leash (keyword ideas for dog leash ad group: dog leash, dog leashes, best dog leash, retractable dog leash, adjustable dog leash, etc.) and so on

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