NSG6101 Nursing Research Methods Week 2 Discussion Complete the “Protecting Human Research Participants” course located on https://acrpnet.org/courses/ethics-human-subject-protection/ SU Classes have been using the Human Subjects Training for non-IRB applications.  It has resulted in using up all of our licenses. However, the free access is working.  Use this link, scroll down, and select “Pricing Without Contact Hours”.  https://acrpnet.org/courses/ethics-human-subject-protection/ When you complete the training you will have to take a screen shot for evidence.  If you are completing this for a class assignment, please pass this message on to your teacher and fellow students. Once you have completed week 2 project, respond to the following: Share your reaction to this course. Next, research your workplace organization to find out how research is conducted that involves human participants. For example, is there an IRB or ethics committee? If so, do they review proposals? Next, find out the composition of the members and discuss if they meet federal guidelines.    

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