ITC0391Unit3 Purpose : Detail each step of the design process based on the provided scenario. Scenario : The leadership team at Fast Readers, Inc. reviewed your previously submitted position paper and agreed to provide you with the team members you requested. As a reminder, the company wants to offer the ability for people to link to online content and have the app read the content at user-selected, variable speeds. Based on this scenario, write a detailed project plan that details what should occur in each step of the design process. Format : · Cover page · Introduction (brief overview of the UX design process for the specific project) · Step 1 – Empathize · Step 2 – Define · Step 3 – Ideate · Step 4 – Prototype · Step 5 – Test · Conclusion · Reference page Your document should be formatted using current APA style and consist of 4 pages, not including the cover or reference pages.

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