Assignment Please answer the following questions 1. Interpret current performance and cost management techniques 2. Analyze advanced cost / managerial accounting data to use in planning, budgeting, and forecasting 3. Apply advanced financial statement analytical methods including ratio and decision analysis such as Pivot tables (that you must include) to aid in decision-making 4. Discuss ethical concerns and the impact on managerial professionals   Please complete: You will expand your discussion of how your selected corporation (COCA COLA) measures up to the industry averages both financially and ethically. Present whether your selected corporation performed above average, average, or below average. Include an explanation of why your selected corporation performed as it did relative to industry averages. Support your explanation with cites to peer-reviewed publications. Make predictions about your COCA COLA performance in the next 12 to 36 months. Support your predictions with your analysis plus peer-reviewed publications. Use Google or another search engine to find resources for identifying industry averages and common-size statements relative to the industry within which your selected corporation operates. Identify and discuss the sources that you used including an explanation as to why you used them plus their reliability.

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