The assessment should be double-spaced, in 11-point Georgia font, Scenario (fictional): SuperPetPlus (SPP) supplies premier pet supplies to predominantly cat and dog owners across the globe via their website and social media. On their website, they say, “Our mission is to provide superior quality pet supplies to everyone everywhere.” The company’s vision statement says, “We will improve the well-being of pets, creating environmentally friendly and affordable products.” Their values are also listed on the website as: “We value our customers’ needs and wants regarding their pets.” “We provide transparent processes and materials to improve pets’ well-being and the environment.” “Our employees, our customers, and their pets are our priority.” The CEO is in the process of shifting to retirement and has not been a hands-on CEO for some time. They are considering appointing the finance director to the CEO position in their place. The company’s strategy is to use innovative natural materials to create practical pet supplies. These pet supplies are tested by employees to ensure they really address customers’ needs. But due to escalating prices, there have been complaints on social media. The comments include negative posts regarding the lack of affordability, which impacts sales and shows up in the customer service comments database. In addition, due to pressure from the managers to reduce costs from the finance director, the plants have been receiving material that has not always been environmentally friendly. The headquarters is located in Madison, Wisconsin, for the executive staff. The rest of the employees are either virtual (like sales, marketing, customer service, and human resources), while their manufacturing plants are located in both Oklahoma (Western Division) and West Virginia (Eastern Division). Assessment Checklist: · Describe how the four functions of management relate to each other. · Introduce SuperPetPlus’s current corporate mission, vision, and values in light of reality at this company. · Keeping in mind the organization’s mission and vision, identify and describe one strategic and relevant goal. · Identify and describe a tactical goal that the company will need to address to successfully reach the strategic goal you identified. Include one example. · Identify and describe one operational goal that the company will need to address to successfully reach the strategic goal you identified. · Explain the appropriate position title of the employee in the organization responsible for managing the goals at each level (i.e., strategic, tactical, and operational). · Explain what form of power would be most useful at each level (i.e., strategic, tactical, and operational). · Describe at least one formal control that would aid in evaluating progress toward the operational goal you identified. Be sure to indicate how you would measure the control.

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