Strategic Assessment Project Develop a strategic plan for an organization. Present a strategic plan for an organization with the following information: 1-Brief History of the Company (or Organization), its Mission and Vision. 2-Organizational Analysis: Present the firm’s strengths and weaknesses, which emanate from your value chain and functional analyses. There is a maximum of five strengths and five weaknesses. Exhibits are effective tools to provide strong support for each strength and weakness. 3- Environmental Analysis: Present your identification of the major external threats and opportunities currently facing the organization. These will be generated from your analysis of the industry and general environmental factors in light of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses. A maximum of five threats and five opportunities should be identified and should be presented in a prioritized order. 4- Strategic Issues and Recommendations: Identify (with support) the most important strategic issue facing your organization. It is extremely important that you clearly integrate the strategic issue with your analysis to the organization’s SWOT. 5- Conclusion/Summary References must contain a minimum of 10 sources used in the development of the Strategic Assessment Project.

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