American Public University HRMT427 International Human Resource Management Week 3 Case Study – Case 4.2 Foreign Buyouts Heighten Tensions in Germany Case Study Background Information: In this section, you will provide a background on the case, the key points that will help to understand your responses to the case study questions.   What social and cultural issues are presenting challenges to successful acquisitions of German firms by foreign companies? (Response must be no less than 250 words)           Besides attention to internal issues, why must cross-border acquisitions also pay close attention to government policy and broader labor market issues? (Response must be no less than 250 words)       What recommendations do you have for the foreign owners and management of newly acquired firms like Grohe to help them successfully ride the conflicts and challenges attending needed economic transformation in high social welfare countries like Germany? (Response must be no less than 250 words)         Summary and Conclusion For this section, you will summarize the case and, at a minimum, identify at least two lessons gained from this case that will be of benefit to businesses today   References Do not forget your references! You will, at least, have your textbook and I encourage you to use information from both the library and credible internet sites that will help in developing your responses to the questions.

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