APA Style 10 Slide Powerpoint – American Law Select either female offenders or offenders with mental health disorders for this assessment. Research the historical context for treatment of your selected population as well as their special needs. Review the literature on treatment programs intended for your population. Select a program that has empirical support for its effectiveness. Your selected program should be relevant to treatment of the population in your particular field of interest (police, courts, or corrections). -Part I: Provide historical context for the treatment of and outcomes for your selected population in the criminal justice system. -Part II: Describe the special needs of this population related to their treatment in your selected field of interest in the criminal justice system. -Part III: Identify the program you selected. Provide an overview of the program, including what services are provided and how the needs of the population are addressed. -Part IV: Provide empirical support that demonstrates the program’s effectiveness. Cite at least two research studies that have tested the outcomes of the program. BE SURE TO INCLUDE NOTES on each slide that you would use to deliver your presentation. Visual representation, graphs, charts, tables, etc also encouraged. 

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