IBUS380 Country Project Report You will be assigned a country. Write a report about the country using the following report outline. You can make minor changes in the outline but must follow this outline and use headings. Must include references and cite references in your report. The assignment report should be about ten (10) pages, including tables (single space, 12 font). SUGGESTED TABLE OF CONTENT FOR THE REPORT Introduction and Country Geography Political System Government Stability Government Controls on Businesses Legal Forces Legal System Trade Policy (Import/Export) Balance of Payments Foreign Investment Regulations Cultural Forces Attitudes and Beliefs Language Religion Business Ethics Financial Forces Currency Exchange rate Banking System and Regulations Inflation, etc. Economic Forces Economic System Trade and Business Agreements with the U.S. GDP, GDP Growth Rate Key Industries Other Future of International Business and Opportunities for Multinationals References (About 7 references. References should be cited in the report.) Structure of the Report: 1. Proper organization, professional writing, and logical flow of analysis. I want to see many headings, e.g. Introduction, Legal Forces, Cultural Forces, Financial Forces, Economic Forces, Future of International Business Opportunities, etc. 2. Support key points with a well thought out rationale based on applying specific concepts or analytical frameworks to the data provided in the case. 3. Proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, third person objective view, professional writing, and syntax. Suggestions: Start with MSU electronic library, but you are allowed to use any other database as well. Some of the suggested sources are as follows: 1. International Financial Statistics, published by IMF 2. The World Bank, IMF, and UN Publications 3. Fortune, Business Week, and other Internet Sources

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