For this week’s assignment, take a minute to reflect on healthcare services in your community using the socio-ecological model to frame/guide your thinking and answer the following questions: · What healthcare organizations exist in your community? · What services do these organizations provide and why? · What relationships exist between these organizations and the community’s socio-ecological factors? · How can these organizations collaborate to better health outcomes in the community? Once you have completed your assessment (maximum 2 pages), you will create an infographic model of socio-ecological principles that illustrates what healthcare services are appropriate for your community’s needs. Some free infographic tools include Piktochart, Canva, and Venngage. Note: Creating infographic representations is a valuable skill. Make sure that when you are developing them that you take the time to plan your ideas, focusing on the message’s purpose and intended audience, prior to creating the full infographic.  Use this week’s resources to help you understand creating valuable infographics. Length: 2-page assessment (max) in addition to infographic representation, not including title and reference pages References: Include 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly sources.

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