Unit 3 Discussion DISCUSSION PART 1: Getting Started If the members of your class were to attempt to form a study-reduction cartel in which everyone agreed to study less, which individuals would have the most gain from the cartel?  Which ones would have the greatest incentive to cheat on the cartel? DISCUSSION PART 2: Digging Deeper 1. In general, people who are more productive earn higher incomes and thus pay higher taxes.  How would a change in the immigration laws that favored more highly educated and skilled individuals affect the future tax burden of today’s American college students?  Would the admission of better-educated immigrants tend to raise or lower the wages of American college graduates?  On balance, would an overhaul of the immigration system benefit or harm today’s college students? 2. Why do most modern societies try to reduce poverty?  Why don’t they do so by simply passing a law that requires that everybody have the same income?

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