Discussion for Marketing wk8   Successful marketing campaign can yield positive financial outcomes for a company, but marketing can be about more than just capturing competitive advantage and increasing profits. Have you ever encountered a marketing campaign that inspired you to action or changed your feelings or opinions about a particular topic or issue? Sometimes organizations utilize marketing to pursue goals that go beyond making money and instead leverage the popularity of brands and reputations of organizations to promote particular causes or contribute to the betterment of society. In this Discussion, you will consider a marketing initiative from a company that created a positive social change impact. To prepare for this Discussion: · Consider a social-change-focused marketing initiative from a company that promoted diversity and/or inclusion. Post a summary of the benefits of a social-change-focused marketing campaign that promoted diversity and/or inclusion, to include the following: (250 words or more) · Describe the company and its marketing initiative that promoted diversity and/or inclusion. · Summarize the impact of that marketing effort. Be sure to include what the effort would, could, or did accomplish for the company. · Summarize the positive social change impact a company can have by promoting these ideas through its marketing efforts. Be sure to include at least one example.  References https://www.yieldify.com/blog/types-of-market-segmentation/ https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2020/06/diverse-inclusive-content-marketing/ https://blog.hubspot.com/agency/5-tips-to-boost-your-next-cause-marketing-campaigns-reach

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