Job Description and Job Evaluation  Create a job description and a performance evaluation document that can be used in identifying a position within an organization and assessing the performance of an employee. The two items should be based on research for a specific job position in a career field you choose. Be sure to identify the compensation (direct and indirect) factors, the pay plan, and the performance appraisal as they apply. The template contains pertinent instructions. minimum of three pages in length. Job Description Introduction Provide an introduction including the date for when the job description was written, the job status (whether it is exempt or nonexempt under FLSA, and whether it is full time or part time), the position title, and the objective of the position (what the position is supposed to accomplish and how it affects other positions and the organization). Address the pay for the position. Supervision Explain to whom the person reports and explain the supervisory responsibilities, including any direct reports and the level of supervision. Job summary Include and outline of the job responsibilities, including the essential functions like detailed tasks, skills, duties, and responsibilities. Competency Explain here the competency and position requirements including knowledge, skills, and abilities. Quality and Quantity Standards Explain the minimum levels required to meet the job requirements here. Education and Experience Explain the required education and experience levels here. Time Spent Performing Tasks Explain the percentages, if used, here. They should be distributed to equal 100%. Physical factors Explain here the type of environment associated with job. Working Conditions Explain here the shifts and any overtime requirements as needed. Unplanned Activities Explain here any other duties, as assigned. Disclaimer Insert a disclaimer here. Discuss how the job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties, or responsibilities that are required of the employee. Signature Date Note: You do not have to sign and date the document. Please remove this statement. Performance Evaluation Performance Criteria Include here a minimum of four criterion (no more than six). You may refer to the job description to help develop this. Performance Scale Utilize the Merit Increase Scale here. Summary Write a summary here about how the laws and regulations associated with the position for the job description and performance evaluation affect compensation and how the two can help manage compensations. Identify the number of employees applied per law and regulation. Explain how compensation can affect employee behavior in this position.

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