Promoting Multicultural Education As schools become more diverse, strong emphasis is being placed on multiculturalism and culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy. Use at least three of the questions to guide an original post. Comment on the posts of at least two classmates. APA citations are required only in the original response. · What is the difference, if any, between multiculturalism and cultural responsiveness? · Is the official curriculum in your state, district, and school multicultural enough? Explain. · What efforts have you made as an individual to make your teaching multicultural? · Where do your efforts and those of your school place you among James Banks’ levels of multicultural integration?  “Leveling Up” Your Instruction with the Banks Framework (Links to an external site.) · How does UDL promote multicultural and culturally responsive teaching?     Like 600 words I live in Illinois and work for Chicago Public Schools you can use this information if needed.

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