the Homeland Security Advisory System First, begin by watching the following video: DHS Activates New Terror Warning System For your main post, Pick one of the two discussion questions below to answer in your HS Chat; please be sure to present research to support your discussion and document that research in APA format. Your initial post should be in by 11:59 p.m. EST on Wednesday. 1. The Homeland Security Advisory System has been used to alert Americans about terrorist activities and impending attacks. How effective is this system and why? 2. Do you believe that immigration and border security are major homeland security issues? Why? Please use a case example in your answer, as well as research to support your opinion. For your peer replies, reply to at least two of your peers. Share your views and research to support them. Compare and contrast your views with those of your peers. Requirements · You must post your main post in order to see others’ posts. · Your main post should be 350+ words. · Your main post should use APA format. · Your main post should include at least one peer reviewed article.

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