IS242 Management Information Systems Week 4 Cumulative Project Assignment   Project Plan: Cloud and Networking Needs An information system is limited in its capabilities without access to the internet. Data and communications must flow smoothly and reliably. Infrastructure 1. What kind of infrastructure will be necessary to support your business? Consider the options discussed in Chapter 6 reading and videos and determine what kind of network and storage will be necessary to support the business. Integration 2. Will you start small and expand or get everything in place from the beginning? What are the cost and other benefits of each?  Legal concerns or security risks 3. Are there any risks or legal issues that preclude a specific option? Cloud integration 4. What about cloud services? Can SaaS, DaaS, or other cloud-based tools be more economical and convenient than traditional ones? Do you foresee a need for occasional upscaling of services in times of increased usage like sales, inventory cycles, or holidays? If you decide against cloud services or storage, discuss why you made that decision. Revisit your data flow diagram from last week. Do your choices now affect your original design? If so revise to include the new decisions. Address each of these areas using the headings provided and submit as a Word document. Be sure to run spellcheck and keep quotes to a minimum with credit given to sources. Include any references used.  

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