Assignment: Word Count: 600-800 words. You must incorporate quotes from the play. (This is what you learned to do in the documented and literary essays in ENG 101.) Be sure to document the lines of each quote in MLA format (See Share You are not required to use outside sources, however, if you do, you must cite the source(s) in the paper and in a works cited page to avoid plagiarism CHOOSE ONE OF THESE APPROVED TOPICS: 1 In Acti, Scene 1, Palanius gives his son, Laertes, several bits of advice. Explain how three bits of Polonius’s advice are still pertinent today 2. The Elzabethan audience were superstitious and would have been fascinated with the ghost of Hamlet’s father Explain how Shakespeare addressed the ghost’s visits in keeping with known superstitions 3. Did Hamlet really love Ophelia? Prove your position with evidence from the text 4 Queen Elizabeth I was the daughter of King Henry Vill, who left the Catholic church to create the protestant Church of England. What elements of religion does Shakespeare explore in Hamle? 5 Was Hamlet right to assume his mother was involved in the plot to murder her husband? Prove your position with evidence from the text. 6. Hamlet destrusts everyone at the beginning of the play Choose one character and explain what specific factors led Hamlet to mistrust this person Was he justilled in his position? (Note: Rosencrantz and Guildenstem 10 The revenge plats mired several times in the play Discuss three examples of characters seeking revenge and consider it seeking vengeance is a good idea Subrot hentay 7 Hanset addresses the idea of suicide several times in the play Discuss the three characters who consider/succeed in suicide and explain their motives & Shakespeare plores the home of appearances vs reality in Hamiet Explain how he maneuvers his characters through an intricate web of deceit and really Hanes dioguated with Polonius and his tendency towards pretense, yet the young prince uses pretense as a tool for his own purposes Did he make a mistake in using pretense, or were his methods justified? Prov “HAMLET INFORMATION A Maddie WACK LIST FORMLET A 626146 K 

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