HU260 Strategies for Decision Making Week 7 Discussion Trust, But Verify We are surrounded by news and media. It has never been easier to access information about any given topic or world event. Yet despite living in an age where information-on-demand is only a click away, misinformation abounds. News programs mislead, pundits exaggerate, and articles distort. Select a recent news article and identify its key claims. Essentially, you will be acting as a fact checker for the news. Make sure that what you’re analyzing is a news article, not a blog post or social media post. Post a link to the article you chose. Attempt to find corroborating information that verifies the article’s claims. Use primary sources whenever available. Post links to the information you find. If information is found that disproves the key claims of the article, post that instead. In your follow up posts, respond to two other students and double check their fact checking. Post any corroborating or contradictory evidence alongside your analysis.

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