Week1 Criminology Criminology Describe the fields of criminology and criminal justice; provide some of their similarities and differences. Many theorists believe that criminology is becoming a greater part of criminal justice. What are some of the ways in which the scientific methods used in criminology are also being used today in the fields of law enforcement, courts, and corrections? Do you believe that these methods have made the field of criminology stronger or more complicated? Consider the following scenario: John and Jeff work together although they do not get along. They have regular fights and arguments on similar issues with John always being dishonest in terms of financial dealings. None of them calls upon the police or the court as legitimate way of resolving the issue as both of them were deeply enmeshed in criminal ways of life. One day when they have a fight again, Jeff hits John on his head with a glass, causing John to be hospitalized for over a month. Examine whether Jeff has committed a crime in the context of the following elements required to constitute a criminal act: The concurrence and causation of a criminal act Actus reus Inchoate offenses Mens rea What are the legal definitions of these elements? How are acts that are not violations of the criminal law differentiated from acts that violate the criminal law? What would have the treatment of the above scenario in law if the crime had been committed by John instead of Jeff? Would it have changed the definition of crime? If so, how and why?

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