Digital Forensics CRJ326 ADP Unit 8 Assignment Post University, Waterbury, CT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Points: 100 Overview: You are a Digital Forensics Examiner that has been contacted by an attorney. You are being asked to review the testimony of a colleague. Your job is to review the examiner’s testimony and provide constructive feedback to help them in their case. Instructions: Locate and assess a video of a witness testifying about a digital investigation. Some examples include testimony from the Casey Anthony or Aaron Herandez trials. Here is an example of a video testimony: Full testimony: KC Stout with LCSO digital forensics. After reviewing the video, answer the following questions: 1. List the title of the video and link. 2. Is the individual testifying an expert or fact witness? Explain your answer. 3. Does the witness follow any of the witness guidelines you have learned in this unit? Explain your answer. 4. What advice would you give the witness on preparing for their testimony? 5. Critique the witness testimony: o What could the witness improve on in the future? o What did the witness do well in their testimony?   Requirements: • The report should be a minimum of two pages. Be sure to read the criteria by which your work will be evaluated before you write and again after you write.  Digital Forensic Consultant

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