1. How Do ********** Companies Address Privacy In Their Policies? The research paper assignment is a semester-long case study research project. Your research project is to discover, compare, and contrast privacy policies. You will achieve this by examining online company policies. You will choose at least three online organizations in the same industry. For example, you may examine the online privacy policies of three hospitals. Alternatively, you may choose to examine the privacy policies of three universities. Review this week’s learning activities on case studies. Do a preliminary data search to be sure there is data for your research before finalizing your question. Research Question: How do (select the industry) ****************************? Select the industry of your choice such as healthcare, education, finance, etc.You will study their online policies to see how the company manages privacy issues.  Deliverable Prepare a Microsoft Word document that includes: Title page Introduction Research question – State your research question as a single question such as How do healthcare companies address privacy in their policies? Background Reference page The research question should be the last sentence of your introduction. The background is an explanation of the area of your research and sets the context for your study. Your document should be written in APA style and include at least 3 supporting academic references. Your document should be a minimum of 2 pages in length (excluding the title page, reference page, and certificate of authorship)

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