Week 8 Assist POWERPOINT FOR THIS ONE. In Week 7, you integrated and applied elements of the course content in the Signature Assignment, which allowed you to address a significant question or issue in some manner (i.e., through creative thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, inquiry and analysis). Your faculty has provided feedback on your Week 7 assignment, and in this last week of the course, you will have the opportunity to review, reflect on, and respond to how that feedback can help you improve your academic performance and contribute to your professional growth. In Week 8, you will reflect on: 1. How the course competencies were developed or addressed in this course 2. The practical relevance of the course concepts and course competencies to professional growth and career interests 3. Future considerations to keep in mind for the professional field as related to the topics covered in this course For this assignment, you may ask questions of your faculty to bring clarity to the feedback you may not understand or that points to areas needing improvement. You might want to consider scheduling a 1:1 meeting with your faculty to discuss the feedback provided and to inform your responses. You will also have the opportunity to share your perspective regarding the feedback and identify 3-5 academic or professional resources that can help you improve the areas noted by your faculty (e.g., assignment enhancement, personal and/or professional growth, topic of further interest prompted by the course content). Use the Feedback Template found in this week’s Books and Resources area to comprehensively address the feedback provided by faculty for your Week 7 Signature Assignment. As you complete the template, you will be asked to address the following questions: 1. What are the areas in which your faculty indicated you did well? Why do you think you did well in this (these) areas? 2. What are the areas in which your faculty indicated you need to improve? What can you do to improve in this (these) areas? 3. How did your faculty’s feedback help your mastery of the course subject matter? 4. How did the Week 7 Signature Assignment and this course help develop the course competencies? 5. What aspects of this assignment can you take forward into your professional career and why? 6. How did this course contribute to your understanding of the future trends related to the profession of course competencies? What do you need to focus on and why? There are three options for completing this assignment: · Submit a paper using the template provided. · Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation. · Provide Kaltura Video Presentation.  If you chose the paper/template option, be sure to include the following items: · Title page · Feedback Template · 3-5 Resources (APA format) addressing any one or all of the following areas: · Enhancement of the Assignment · Personal/Professional Growth and Development · Topic of interest for further investigation based on course content NOTE: For each of the 3-5 resources identified, include a statement of the key idea of the article, book, or professional resource and your justification of this choice. Additionally, if you would like to further your presentation skills, you may choose to present the required information by utilizing a voice-over PowerPoint or Kaltura video that captures your screen as well as you presenting. This presentation alternative is not required but encouraged as a tool for effective communication development. Length (choose one of the following):              Paper: Minimum of 3-5 pages, not including reference page PowerPoint: Minimum of 3-5 slides, not including a reference slide. Slide or talking notes must be included. Voice-over required. Kaltura Video Presentation: Maximum time of 5-7 minutes. Slide or talking notes must be included. Business casual or professional attire required. References: List any additional references used in the assignment, excluding the 3-5 resources required above.

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