I  looked up the article  “Making Changes to the Work of Another Engineer”  this article talk about 2 Professional Engineers working on the same  project together. The problem comes when one engineer tries to revise  another engineer’s work. Section II.2.b of the NSPE code of ethics says  that you cannot sign for any documents that you haven’t prepared, or  have prepared under their direct supervision and control. In this way,  that engineer was wrong to revise the other engineers’ work. This would  have been ok if one engineer was the lead of the project and the other  engineer was taking direction from him to complete the work, but in this  case, they were seen as equals and that makes the signature  questionable because even if they have the same background and are both  competent to do the work the engineer that signed off on the other one  work would not have been fully involved with that aspect of the project  and could easily overlook something. Making Changes to the Work of Another Engineer. (n.d.). Retrieved August 21, 2022, from https://www.nspe.org/sites/default/files/resources/pdfs/Ethics/EthicsResources/EthicsCaseSearch/2009/BER%20Case%2009-11-APPROVED.pdfLinks to an external site. Code of ethics for engineers – national society of professional engineers.  https://www.nspe.org/. (n.d.). Retrieved August 21, 2022, from  https://www.nspe.org/sites/default/files/resources/pdfs/Ethics/CodeofEthics/NSPECodeofEthicsforEngineers.pd

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