Build A Computer Scenario: You have been tasked with building a PC from scratch for a user named Joe.  Joe will be using this PC for high end gaming along with everyday tasks such as e-mail and web browsing.  Cost is not a constraint, but Joe would like the best bargain he can get.  Write a report detailing what you recommend for each component of the system and why.  Note that the details of the scenario are left deliberately vague.  Have some fun with this!  Design a top end system for the best price you can get.  Be creative! In the below list, the first part of each item is the PC component, and it is followed by its specifications that need to be included in your report.  For instance, first in the list is the PC component “Operating System.”  It is followed by its specifications of which version of Windows you are choosing and either 64 or 32 bit.   Make sure and address the following components and their specifications: Operating System What version? (Windows 10, 8, 7, etc.)  64 or 32 bit System Board What form factor? What socket type for your processor? What front-side bus specs? Is it fast enough? What type of chipset? What type of RAM does it support?  How many slots? How many connections are there for drives? How many expansion slots are there?  Are there enough to support the needed cards? Video Card- performance, compatibility with system board, output ports Is the performance of your card sufficient? Is it compatible with your system board?   What type of output ports does it have?  Will these support the necessary devices? Case Is the size of your case sufficient to support your chosen board and number of drives? Power Supply Does it have the required wattage? Does it have enough connectors to support all devices? Does it fit in your case? Processor Is it compatible with the socket type? Is it compatible with the system board? Is it fast enough? 64 or 32 bit? What type of cooling system? RAM How many sticks? How fast? What type and size? Is it compatible with your system board? Peripherals What keyboard and mouse? Will you recommend a joystick? What speakers and/or headphones? Is a printer needed? Video What monitor type? (LCD, LED, Plasma, etc) How many monitors? What is the resolution and aspect ratio? What type of connectors are needed? Data Storage How many drives? How much storage space per drive is needed? How fast should the drives be? What type of drive? (HDD, SSD, SSHD, etc.) Internal and/or external? Input/Output Ports and Cables What type? (DVI, VGA, DisplayPort, etc) What speed? What length should they be? Network What type of NIC? (wired and/or wireless?) How fast? What type of addressing (static or dynamic)   Requirements and details: -At least four pages long (it can be longer) double spaced using Arial 12 point font and 1 inch margins.  Note that the title of the document and any header will NOT be counted as part of the length. -Provide links to all PC components you are recommending (this doesn’t count towards the length).  See the example document– at the end there is a links section that is an example of how one would look.  You may also provide your links throughout the document if you prefer–just make sure you include them.  You will have link(s) for every component. I’m not concerned with APA or MLA format.  I am concerned with being able check out the components you have chosen.   -Make certain and address every PC component and its specifications listed above. -Ensure everything in your report is in your own words.  Please make sure of this.  No copying and pasting from other sites, an originality check will be performed. -Understand it’s not only what you choose but WHY you choose it.  For every component above, ensure you defend and explain why you chose it in detail.   -To understand in detail how you will be graded, look at the document below titled “Rubric.”   -Submit to this assignment once complete. -After submitting and scoring, if you are not satisfied with your score, you can make corrections and re-submit up to two more times, or a total of three times.

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