HQ 7 Disproportionality continues to occur among racial and ethnic minority groups of students when qualifying them for special education services. Devise a plan that would monitor this process to ensure compliance with IDEA. Consider this scenario: An incident occurred in a middle school between two 7th-grade students (one a regular education student and the other a mainstreamed emotionally/behaviorally disabled student) in a math class. Natalie and Jocelyn were involved in a fight during a math class. Jocelyn started the fight by hitting Natalie repeatedly upside her head, causing a big lump to form, because Natalie looked at her funny. Natalie had an opportunity to walk away, but decided to engage and knocked Jocelyn to the floor and proceeded to hit her repeatedly in response. The teacher tried to separate the two girls unsuccessfully. Security was called to intervene and break up the fight, which totally disrupted the learning experience for the other 25 students eager to learn about computational problem solving. Both students were taken to the 7th-grade administrator for disciplinary action. Hypothesize a corrective action plan for these students.

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