NR529 Leadership and Management within the Clinical Healthcare Environment Module 4 Assignment Risk Management and Safety Purpose In clinical healthcare environments, cultures of excellence are committed to the promotion of quality, assurance of safety, and mitigation of risk. The purpose of this assignment is to analyze inefficiency or failure in the clinical environment and the resulting impact on quality and safety at the point of care and organizational levels. Regulatory, accreditation, and best practice guidelines which provide direction are examined, and models for quality improvement and nurse leader competencies to promote compliance are applied to the selected issue. A printed version of these assignment guidelines are available below. NR529 Module 4 Risk Management and Safety Assignment Guidelines and Rubric Download NR529 Module 4 Risk Management and Safety Assignment Guidelines and Rubric ePortfolio: This assignment will also be a part of your ePortfolio. Students are encouraged to follow the guidelines for creating the ePortfolio by clicking  “ePortfolio” on the course home page. *PLEASE NOTE: According to the current edition of the APA manual, a running head is no longer an APA requirement. Please disregard the reference a running head requirement in the below video and transcript. Course Learning Outcome Through this assignment, the student will address the following course learning outcome: CO 4: Analyze continuous improvement processes at the microsystem and mesosystems levels based on patient care outcomes and current evidence to ensure safe and quality nursing care. (PO 5) Assignment Overview In a 14-16 slide PowerPoint presentation, address the following elements. Include a minimum of 4 scholarly sources, current within 5 years, to support your work. See rubric for specific, required content criteria within each section of the presentation: Provide an introduction to the presentation. Identify one inefficiency and/or failure in a selected clinical setting which can result in quality or safety concerns. You may choose an issue related to your MSN project, or a separate issue. Explain the issue and how it influences quality and safety in the selected clinical setting. Discuss implications of this issue at the point of care and at the organizational level. Identify one healthcare regulatory guideline, accreditation expectation, or evidence-based standard of practice which provides direction regarding this issue in the selected clinical setting. Explain the expectations described within the regulatory, accreditation, or evidence-based practice guideline or standard of care. Identify and describe three variables in the selected clinical setting which can influence compliance with the stated guideline or standard of care. Select one quality improvement model and describe how it can be applied to address this issue. Provide an overview of the model, and explain how it can be used to comply with the regulatory, accreditation, or evidence-based practice guideline in the selected clinical setting to promote quality and safety. Discuss three specific nurse leader competencies which promote a culture of quality and safety. Explain how each competency can be used to mitigate risk and promote quality and safety regarding the issue described. Provide a conclusion to the presentation. Assignment Instructions Abide by the Chamberlain College of Nursing Academic Integrity Policy. Use Microsoft PowerPoint to create the presentation. Each slide (excluding title and reference slides) must include detailed speaker notes. The purpose of the speaker notes is to expand upon the idea and document facts and information about the bulleted information points on the slide. Formal, scholarly writing style with complete sentence and paragraph structure should be used to create the speaker notes. Scholarly literature support should be integrated within the speaker notes. Speaker notes assure that all assignment expectations and key points are covered. Within the speaker notes, the rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure are followed and consistent with formal, scholarly writing as noted in the most current edition of the APA Manual. First person should not be used for this scholarly assignment. No direct quotes should be included in this assignment Citation and referencing of sources must be congruent with guidelines noted in the most current edition of the APA Manual. Slides are professional in appearance with visually balanced text, font appropriate for audience reading, succinct bulleted points, and visually appealing contrast between background and font utilized. Correct spelling and appropriate use of graphics/images is evident. Sources older than five years may not be used without the permission of the class professor. Please note: If you do not receive a proficient rating in any major content category, you can re-submit your assignment with revisions in those content categories to receive a better grade. You have one additional opportunity to revise after the initial submission in order to make improvements. The initial submission must be a complete paper, rough drafts will not be graded. All revisions must be submitted no later than Sunday of Week 7 at 11:59pm. (You cannot revise your graduate-level writing style for a higher grade in that category)

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