IS242 Management Information Systems Week 1 Assignment   Chapter 1 1a. Create a table or spreadsheet that lists 10 or more possible career areas—including estimated annual salaries and brief job descriptions. Rate how much you think you would like each potential career area on a scale from 1 (“don’t like”) to 10 (“like the most”). You can use Word or Excel for this part of the assignment. 1b. Highlight roles that you feel pertain to information systems. Add a column to briefly describe where this role fits within the umbrella of information systems. Save as doc or xls depending on which application you’ve used. 2. Use presentation software to create a set of three slides that identifies the top three things you hope to learn from this course and why each is important to you. Save as a PPT file. 3. Submit both files by clicking on the assignment title to find the dropbox (upload facility at the bottom of the page)  

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