Wk2-Summative Assessment PolicingAwareness  Policing awareness Research the role of police in your community. For example, visit your local police department website and interview a representative of a local police department (email, phone call, or video chat). Write a 600-700-word interview summary addressing the answers to each of the following questions. (No works cited page.) · -What is the mission of your local police department? · -What goals do they have? What goals have they accomplished? · -What are the various roles police play in your community? What is their impact? How do the police partner with citizens, human service workers, and other entities? · -Which community programs are offered (e.g., D.A.R.E., Police Explorers)? Explain the programs and the benefits they provide to society and the role the police play in these programs. · -Which 1 or 2 criminal justice strategies from the text or readings have you observed in action in your local police department? · -How does the police department strive to utilize those strategies?

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