Presentation On Supplements In Athletic Performance  create a 5-10 minute presentation that presents the issue (Supplements in Athletic Performance), current status, research on both sides of the issue, and recommendations for health educators. Specific Requirements for Presentation: Power Point with a minimum of 10 slides covering the required areas listed above. Video recording of the presentation (details will be posted in Canvas); minimum of 5 minutes, maximum recording time of 10 minutes. Students are not to read directly off the slide; please use bullets with main ideas and elaborate verbally Information throughout the presentation should be cited either with sub/super scripts or traditional APA in-text citations (Author, Year) References should be listed on final slide in APA format; all references should be from reliable sources, including: books, journal articles, and websites (.org, .edu, .gov are acceptable; no .com websites should be used) Videos may be incorporated into the presentation to provide supplemental information, but they may not be any longer than 3 minutes. Presentation should be free of grammatical errors.

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