For this assignment, write using the indirect method and include the following components:  buffer, rationale, bad news, explanation of impacts, focus on future relation, goodwill  Assume the role of Nick, and then write a bad-news announcement to all former Elite Customers explaining the elimination of the Elite Customer Program, stating that the Jensen Chemicals and Hardware Deport Elite Customers program would be discontinued after the current rewards cycle.  Under the program, customers who spent more than $1,000 in a calendar year automatically qualified for a 10 percent discount on all purchases in the following year.  The program has been quite popular, and Nick knew that many customers would be upset.  However, he had done the math and felt that it was a money loser for the company.  To soften the disappointment to the customers, in letters to all previous Elite Customers, he was including a 20 percent discount coupon on any single purchase.  In addition, customers could still reach Elite Customer status for this year and qualify for discounts next year. The letter will require at least three paragraphs to fully develop the letter and to include sufficient information.  Be sure to include the components listed above and fit the letter to one page.  Create a letterhead and strive for an error-free message that could be mailed.  Use the letter format example provided in this week’s module and the rubric for Bad-News Letters.  Your letter must be in correct business format.   Single space the message and double space between paragraphs.

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