Writing Essay One (What YOU have to do for this essay) PLEASE NOTE: The focus of Essay 1 is to examine how different media outlets present information on the same event or issue, not the event or issue itself, (we will do that in later assignments). 1. Choose a Current Event going on locally (city/county), regionally (state/part of country), nationally (entire country), internationally (a few countries), or globally (all over the world). 2. Find stories from THREE DIFFERENT sources on the same current event from various sources that give DIFFERENT points of view. It might be For/Against/Both Pros and Cons, OR it might be Good/Bad/Depends on Situation, OR it might be Insider/Outsider/Neutral Party, (these are some example scenarios). Briefly (one to two paragraphs) describe what you have chosen to write about and why it is important for the reader to be aware of. Throughout your paper, describe the images, word choices, or sounds (for example, videos, 911 recordings, people yelling), that demonstrate Bias in some form – tell the reader why you think what you do. Now Build Your Argument What biases do you see in the different versions of the story and in the sources that presented each version of the story? Are they based on money, culture, race, gender, religion/beliefs, sexuality, age, education, profession, where people live, and/or other factors? Where do the sources use any of the Bias-Related Fallacies, either alone or in combination? How much of the information is truly verifiable fact and how much of it is sensationalism, exaggeration, dramatization, or outright fabrication, in your opinion, based on the information you use in your paper? This is where you will need to bring in some additional information from minimally biased/unbiased sources to either verify or challenge each source’s statements. Equally, what do you see as reasonable and/or factual? Why do you trust this information? Why should others trust it? Also, tell the reader how each source made use of the Elements of Rhetoric, (Logic, Emotion, and Credibility), in a responsible manner to share information AND to influence people into not only trusting the information and accepting it as fact, but also into thinking, feeling, and/or acting in specific ways in reaction to that information and in their everyday lives? What exactly are these thoughts/feelings/actions? Lastly, how do these messages affect society as a whole? How do they reinforce or alter what our culture accepts as typical, popular, innovative, reasonable, acceptable, unacceptable, bad, dangerous, or undesirable? What individual and collective biases do they perpetuate or challenge? Give specific examples to support your points (avoid being vague or too general). Also, CITE YOUR SOURCES using MLA or APA guidelines in the text of your paper and at the end of it in a Works Cited of References page.

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