Discuss How Technical, Interpersonal, And Decision-Making Skills Apply Module 2: Discussion Forum Leadership Competencies and Project Planning: Risk Analysis, Task Duration Forecasting, Specifications, and Contract Analysis Select the one of the following (choose the one with which you are least comfortable): risk identification and contingency planning; task duration forecasting; customer specifications analysis; and contract analysis and compliance planning. Discuss how technical, interpersonal, and decision-making skills apply to the one you chose, and explain how you can draw upon others in the list to shore up your weaknesses when leading that activity as a PM. This week’s Recommended Reading – Attached Burrell, D. N., Aridi, A. S., & Nobles, C. (2018). The critical need for formal leadership development programs for cybersecurity and information technology professionals. (Links to an external site.) International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Society.

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