IS242 Management Information Systems Week 2 Cumulative Project Assignment   Project Plan: Moore’s Law and Software/Hardware Revisit your initial ideas about an organization for which you’ll be developing or converting to include information systems. Hardware/Software Requirements After this week’s readings on hardware and software, determine the kinds of hardware you think you’ll need to get meet project requirements. Is this a single-user or multi-user system? Explain. Research, if necessary, to help justify your choices and arrive at an estimate of what these items may cost. Again, you’ll get the chance to revise this information as you learn more and perhaps adjust your initial ideas but try to keep the totals realistic based on your current understanding. Competition Also, explore Moore’s law in the Week 3 videos. Moore’s Law essentially proposes that technological changes will occur on average every 2 years. These changes can create advantages for companies that have the means to implement them quickly, thus creating greater competition. Investigate the probability that your business will have significant competition in the next 18 months. Does competition exist now and how will you make your product or service stand out? Address each of these areas using the headings provided and submit as a Word document. Be sure to run spellcheck and keep quotes to a minimum with credit given to sources. Include any references used. Include project summary each week at the top or add to the previous week as the project is cumulative and the entire document will be submitted in week 8  

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