business information 3 questions a) Using a standard methodology such as Porter’s five forces, value chain or SWOT analysis, present and discuss two of the main steps that organizations should address in formulating and implementing an organization’s IT Strategy. Support your answer with appropriate examples. b) Explain what is meant by the Value Web and what effect it can have in the modern business environment today. How would this apply to a company in the financial services sector in particular? c) A successful start-up company has grown rapidly in recent years and its founder/owners want to make organizational changes so that it can facilitate its next stage of development. The organization is now looking to create the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) and has asked you to draw up a description of the role and responsibilities of the CIO in to allow it to recruit a suitable candidate. Identify what you consider these should be and associate SMART performance measures with each of the roles and responsibilities identified.

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