Week 7 Assist For the Signature Assignment, you will synthesize what you have learned about the major themes of the course by working through a problem for your model healthcare organization. Your paper must include the following information: · Overview of your selected healthcare organization. · Identification of the healthcare problem or management decision, including definition, terminology, and applicable management theories. · Identification of the group or groups of stakeholders that are most impacted by the problem. · Identification of socio-ecological principles as they apply to healthcare management decision-making. · Identification of the role of management’s responsibilities in the decision-making or change process. · An explanation of why you believe the resolution of the problem/issue is sufficient and why. Be sure to address the following outcome in your analysis: · Identify and discuss the possible positive and negative outcomes from implementing your decision or resolution. · Clearly and concisely, what actions will be taken to implement and adapt your solution. Length: 5-7 pages, not including title page, reference page(s), or any appendices

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