Bioterrorism Power point Presentation Please select one of the following topics 1. Anthrax 2. Smalllpox 3. Hemorrhagic  Fevers (Ebola) 4. Botulism 5. Tularemia 6. West Nile Virus- 7. Typhus 8. Influenza 9. TB 10. Rabies 11. Hantavirus 12. Ricin Toxin 13. Diarrheagenic E-Coli 14. Explain Category A, B & C Biological Agents   Maximum 5 slides. Choose and research your topic- discuss the following:  Prevalence  Areas most affected Presentation of the disease if exposure is successful What is the treatment, if any Discuss the importance of this topic in community nursing;  What has been done so far As a community health nurse, how would you deal with this issue differently?

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