PSYC2720 Adolescent Psychology Week 3 Quiz   •             Question 1          The adolescent growth spurt is best demonstrated by the rapid increase in:                                                        a. Height at the beginning of adolescence.                 b. Hormone production before puberty begins.                 c. Height in boys and weight in girls at puberty.                 d. Size of reproductive organs at puberty. •             Question 2          Which of the following is associated with historical evidence that technologies influence pubertal timing?                                 a. Reaction range.                 b. Secular trend.                 c. Distancing hypothesis.                 d. Feedback loop. •             Question 3          Which of the following is NOT an example of a qualitative research method?                                      a. Adolescents take researchers on “tours” of their bedrooms.                 b. High school students interview each other about media use.                 c. Adolescents keep daily journals about gender stereotypes in media.                 d. Students answer questionnaires about the frequency and type of media use. •             Question 4          Which of the following is NOT specified as one of five common uses of media by adolescents?                                                   a. Entertainment.                 b. Coping.                 c. Cognitive development.                 d. Identity formation. •             Question 5          New models of information processing have moved away from what analogy?                                  a. Innate learning like mammals.                 b. The mind as a simple computer.                 c. Social networks as spider webs.                 d. Never forgetting how to ride a bike. •             Question 6          Cross-cultural analyses have shown that in traditional cultures a boy is considered a man when he is able to:                                                 a. Divide and conquer.                 b. Clothe and feed himself.                 c. Work, war, and wager.                 d. Provide, protect, and procreate. •             Question 7          Which of the following tasks best reflects the socialization of adolescent girls in traditional cultures? Preparation for:                                                                a. Leaving the family home.                 b. Entering the workplace.                 c. Establishing peer relationships.                 d. Marriage and gender-specific adult roles. •             Question 8          Which of the following is NOT one of the domains of self-image proposed by Harter in her Self-Perceptions Profile for Adolescents?                                                      a. Athletic competence.                 b. Close friendship.                 c. Extracurricular participation.                 d. Social acceptance. •             Question 9          Because most studies on adolescents and television violence are correlational, it is:                         a. Pointless to study the possible causes of aggressive behavior.                 b. Not possible to prove from these studies that television causes aggressive behavior.                 c. Likely that television violence is not associated with aggressive behavior.                 d. Important not to restrict adolescents’ television viewing. •             Question 10        Which of the following is NOT a typical article topic in magazines targeted to adolescent girls?                                                     a. Fashion and beauty.                 b. Entertainment.                 c. Weight reduction/control.                 d. Professional careers.

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