Topic 2 DQ 1. Think again of that study on the predictive relationships of high school principals’ leadership styles and academic achievement in their schools in your state. The instrumentation must be aligned with the research questions and study design and must be feasible for administration of the study. How do you identify instruments appropriate for use with GCU core quantitative research designs? How might you address concerns about the influence of instrumentation on study feasibility? Do you have any ethical concerns about recruitment and data collection? Explain. 2. Imagine again that you are an automotive manufacturing executive tasked with increasing sales in your state. You wish to assess the effectiveness of an incentive program for sales personnel implemented at 10 dealerships in medium-size cities and 10 dealerships in small cities. What three data collection approaches are most feasible for such a study? What are the most significant strengths and weaknesses of these data collection approaches? Why are these significant? What concerns do you have about the feasibility of implementing these approaches to data collection for this study? Explain.

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