How to Spot Fake News in the Internet? Nowadays the Internet has become an integral part of our everyday life. It is very important for modern society because it offers limitless possibilities for the population. Firstly, the online network is a useful platform for work and study. Secondly, it gives people great opportunities for communication. Thirdly, one of the most significant functions of the internet is providing society with information and news concerning different spheres of life. These days it is quite easy to share information, pictures, stories and videos. Unfortunately, despite advantages, there is a serious drawback of such intensive information flow. The problem is that not all of this content is true. More and more fake news appears in the internet and spreads even faster than real facts. Many users find it difficult to differentiate false information from the truth. Here are some points that will help you to counter the flood of fake news: 1. Pay attention to sensational headings The authors of fake news often use alarming headlines to strike the reader immediately. You should be attentive not to spread such articles without reading them. It is better to search the internet in order to check accuracy of such information. 2. Check authors and sources of publications If the article is shared in the social networks, it is usually possible to read the previous publications of the same author. You may also check the site that produce such news in order to understand whether you can trust this informational source. It is necessary to be suspicious and develop critical thinking so the to be able to determine the reliability of the information. 3. Make others to think about the problem of fake news Some people do not understand fully the impact of spreading fake stories online. Besides, they do not know how to distinguish where the content is true or false. It will be good to draw attention of the society to this problem. If you want to write fake news essay or make fake news research it is possible to use in order to read examples and to get inspired. 4. Take a close look at photos and comments Specialists recommend paying attention to photos and comments of the published stories. If you see an eye-catching or even shocking picture, try to make sure whether the image is authentic and whether the content is true so that not to spread fake news topics. Sometimes comments that follow the article or video may be helpful for determining the truthfulness of the information. 5. Check some information sources If you want to avoid consuming and sharing misinformation, you should read about the same facts, political figures or events from different news outlets. It will help to identify the accuracy of the stories. To cut a long story short, the development of modern technology has led to a flood of fake news and its quick spreading. This may cause confusion and misunderstanding concerning important social and political issues. Besides, inaccurate information may lower your grades at college or university. Finally, it can influence people’s psychological health. Therefore, it is quite necessary to learn how to spot fake articles in the internet.

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