Mid-Term Statement of Problem/Issue/Content Analysis Research Paper Outline I. Title of paper and your name Example: “Reproducing Masculine and Feminine Cultural Emotions of Hate and Love in the Media” II. Introduction: Discuss and articulate the question, theme, hypothesis you are specifically interested in researching for your content analysis. For example, “This content analysis seeks to investigate the variety of ways feminine and masculine forms of identity and social relations of gender are reproduced through the cultural emotions of hate and love utilizing materials and scripts from the 1st season of the show ‘Sex and the City.” a) Define the cultural emotions b) Discuss the way your content analysis relates to the various topics we have discussed thus far in our course readings, lectures, discussions etc.: elements of emotions, emotion norms, emotion management, social arrangements of class, gender/transgender, race and ethnic, sexuality, social movements, theories of cultural emotions, etc.   c) What materials/research will you use to conduct your content analysis? Identify sources (films, T.V. shows, magazines, newspapers, speeches, photographs, media visuals and audio, documentaries, interviews etc.), supporting literature (social science journals, books, published and unpublished reports etc.) visual and audio texts, etc. III. Research Design Discuss how you will code this information to develop frequencies, patterns and trends from the materials you are collecting to measure your content analysis. For example, using the 1st season from sex and the city this content analysis will select scenes from this show and conduct a text/discourse analysis using the following codes as measures for documenting how masculine and feminine cultural emotions of hate and love are reproduced in the media. Example codes: a) Male hate and love (types of conversations: attraction, importance, needs, wants, desires for a female in their life) b) Female hate and love (types of conversations: attraction, importance, needs, wants, desires for a male in their life; what a woman must do to attract Mr. Right— (fashion/dress, verbal and nonverbal gestures, sex) c) The centrality of masculinity (male as instrumental, “doer”, heterosexual, relational and transactional sex) d) Lack of feminist ideology (female as docile, dependent, emotional etc.) IV. Brief Literature Review Discuss literature related to your project (from the class and other sources—Library) V. STOP Maximum length 10 pages

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