ACCT559 Advanced Accounting Week 5 Discussion Consolidation and Intercompany Activity Discussion Grading Policy Each weekly unit contains one graded discussion related to the material covered in that weekly unit. Each week you are required to post at least three (3) times in the graded discussion, to earn a maximum of 20 points.  Your discussion postings will be evaluated on content, participation and the ability to communicate effectively. Each week your posts (responses) to the graded discussion will be graded according to the following policy: Your main post must cover the points and questions as noted in the discussion directions. When responding to your classmate’s main posts, be sure to address whether or not you agree with their analysis. Your responses should enhance the discussion by posing new questions, offering new ways to consider the issues being discussed, introducing new sources of information based on research, and building on ideas posted by your classmates. Please note: A quality response is not a one-liner; it is a thoughtful presentation of an idea. Examples of quality postings include providing additional information to the discussion, elaborating on previous comments, presenting explanations of concepts or methods to help fellow students, supporting your opinion with examples from the textbook or some outside source, and providing reasons for or against something in a persuasive fashion. Feel free to do research on the Web or in the online library and use the research in your comments within the discussions. Your grade quality will be based on how well you support your opinions related to the discussion topics and how well you interact with your classmates. NOTE: You will not be given full credit for repeating something that has already been stated or by merely copying and pasting something you found on the web. Words of caution: Making three posts does NOT guarantee that you will earn full credit for the week. In general, more postings from you will enable me to make a better assessment of your understanding of the material, and this, in turn, will increase your chances of getting full credit. Remember, the discussions are a means by which students respond to questions, react to other students, and respond to ideas shared by other classmates and the instructor. A successful student in online education is a noisy learner, one who is active and creative in the learning process (Nipper, 1989).

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