PSYC 235 Critical Thinking Exercise Assignment Instructions Overview Critical thinking is an important skill to develop as you seek to become a more skilled consumer of knowledge. While some of what you read in the news or online may be true, most of us approach information such as this with a healthy dose of skepticism. We read it, think about it, consider the source(s) of the information and may even compare different versions before we are willing to accept it as truth. What many students do not realize is that academic sources should also be approached with a degree of skepticism as textbooks and academic journal articles may contain inaccuracies or hidden bias. As Biblical worldview thinkers it is important to examine everything in light of the truth we know to be ultimately authoritative. If something we read appears to contradict what we know to be true (based on Scripture) we should examine it closely and critically. The two examples provided below are in our textbook. In both cases, the content would seem to indicate that a position supported by Biblical truth is incorrect. We will examine each idea to determine if the message communicated can hold up to a critical analysis based on empirical evidence and our Christian worldview.   Instructions For each of the topics listed below you will: 1. Examine a statement from our textbook in light of scholarly literature, and a Biblical perspective. 2. Write a brief reaction essay (with a minimum of 500 words) describing your critical analysis and conclusions. 3. After completing analysis, you will create an APA-formatted document with the title page, your reaction essay, and a reference list identifying any source cited in your essay. You should cite the textbook, the Bible, and any other scholarly source used.

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