NURS6512 Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning Week 5 Assignment 2 Digital Clinical Experience: Focused Exam: Cough In this DCE Assignment, you will conduct a focused exam related to cough in your DCE using the simulation tool, Shadow Health. You will determine what history should be collected from the patient, what physical exams and diagnostic tests should be conducted, and formulate a differential diagnosis with several possible conditions. Photo Credit: Getty Images To Prepare Review this week’s Learning Resources and consider the insights they provide related to ears, nose, and throat. Review the Shadow Health Resources provided in this week’s Learning Resources specifically the tutorial to guide you through the documentation and interpretation within the Shadow Health platform. Review the examples also provided. Review the DCE (Shadow Health) Documentation Template for Focused Exam: Cough found in this week’s Learning Resources and use this template to complete your Documentation Notes for this DCE Assignment. Access and login to Shadow Health using the link in the left-hand navigation of the Blackboard classroom. Review the Week 5 Focused Exam: Cough Rubric provided in the Assignment submission area for details on completing the Assignment in Shadow Health. Consider what physical exams and diagnostic tests would be appropriate to gather more information about the patient’s condition. How would the results be used to make a diagnosis? Focused Exam: Cough Assignment: Complete the following in Shadow Health: Respiratory Concept Lab (Required) Episodic/Focused Note for Focused Exam: Cough HEENT (Recommended but not required) Note: Each Shadow Health Assessment may be attempted and reopened as many times as necessary prior to the due date to achieve a total of 80% or better (this includes your DCE and your Documentation Notes), but you must take all attempts by the Week 5 Day 7 deadline. Submission and Grading Information By Day 7 of Week 5 Complete your Focused Exam: Cough DCE Assignment in Shadow Health via the Shadow Health link in Blackboard. Once you complete your Assignment in Shadow Health, you will need to download your lab pass and upload it to the corresponding assignment in Blackboard for your faculty review. (Note: Please save your lab pass as “LastName_FirstName_AssignmentName”.) You can find instructions for downloading your lab pass here: Complete your documentation using the documentation template in your resources and submit it into your Assignment submission link below.  From the Plagiarism Tools area, click the checkbox for I agree to submit my paper(s) to the Global Reference Database Complete the Code of Conduct Acknowledgement.  

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