Discussion 7 – Crime Scene Management Discussion: Chapter 9, Topic 3 “Evidence Management” includes several very important topics. Pick ONE of the following topics for your discussion: (1) Contamination of Evidence; (2) Loss of Continuity (aka Chain of Custody); or (3) Originating Stages of Evidence (Pre Crime, Criminal Event, and Post Crime). For the topic you select in your initial post you should: describe/define that topic for the reader and include citation/source information explain the importance of your topic in the overall investigation process identify the impacts if an investigator does not ‘get it right’ For example, in discussing contamination of evidence, you need to define what that means, how it occurs, what challenges there are to minimizing it, and what outcomes can occur if it isn’t done right. Is it loss of evidence? Potential identification of the wrong suspect?, etc. Requirements: The textbook is here in the weblink below  Brown, Thomas. (2019), “Criminal Investigation”. Virginia Wesleyan University. OERCommons. eBook. Viewed from: https://www.oercommons.org/courses/criminal-investigation/view# 

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