IS242 Management Information Systems Week 6 Cumulative Project Assignment   Project Plan: Using data mining, business intelligence, AI, Expert systems or knowledge management As mentioned before, a business generates and relies on massive amounts of data. In many cases, this data be useful in business intelligence and analytics to help make decisions going forward. Data Collection 1. Discuss preliminary ideas on how you can make use of the data you collect to continue to grow your business (chapter 9). 2. Will you use live data or datamining or some combination? Explain (chapter 9). 3. Are there any ethical or legal concerns with its use? Explain (chapter 9). Knowledge Management 4. What about knowledge management (Ch. 10, section 1)? Expert systems or AI (Ch 10, section 2)? Do they fit in your business plan? Detail which and how. If you don’t think they will fit, discuss why not.  

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