Activities 7 Building Block Activities will vary from week to week but are designed to give you the opportunity to learn more about the topics we discuss in class. These activities may involve reading a scholarly article, reading a blog post, listening to a portion of a podcast, watching a short video, and so on, all related to a specific topic that connects to course content. All of these materials will be posted and/or linked below. After working through these materials, you’ll need to submit a brief paper demonstrating what you’ve learned and reflecting on the materials. In this week’s Building Block Activities, we’ll delve deeper into a tried-and-true approach to reducing prejudice: contact. Specifically, we’ll learn more about Intergroup Contact Theory and we’ll read about the research that supports the power of this approach. Here are the materials you’ll need to work through before writing your paper: Material #1: Intergroup Contact Theory: Past, Present, and Future (blog), The Inquisitive Mind: (Links to an external site.) Material #2: Intergroup Contact (video), The Brainwaves Video Anthology: Material #3: A Meta-Analytic Test of Intergroup Contact Theory (scholarly article), Journal of Personality and Social Psychology:  Pettigrew & Tropp (2006).pdf    Download Pettigrew & Tropp (2006).pdf 

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